Three Squares for CENC:
Food & Nutrition Services Outreach

ThreeSquaresIf you or someone you know may be eligible for Food and Nutrition Services benefits, please contact a Three Squares for CENC Outreach Coordinator below for assistance or review the helpful information below. You can also visit threesquaresforcenc.org to request help applying. 

Food and Nutrition Services is the new name for the Food Stamp Program in North Carolina. With its new name and expanded eligibility, more North Carolinians than ever may be able to benefit from extra food dollars, allowing them to stretch their food budgets and put three square meals a day on their tables.

The Food Bank calls its Food and Nutrition Services Outreach Program "Three Squares for CENC." Through this effort, dedicated outreach coordinators provide application pre-screening and completion assistance to seniors, working families, dislocated workers, individuals living with a disability, people without a permanent address, and military families.

Three Squares for CENC partners with local agencies and food pantries across our 34-county service area to make applying for benefits easier and more accessible. Three Squares for CENC helps reduce the anxiety and barriers that many families experience when trying to navigate through the Food and Nutrition Services Program.

Three Squares for CENC Contacts | How To Apply For FNS Benefits | FNS Interview Process

Three Squares for CENC Contacts

Three Squares for CENC Outreach Coordinators are available to help answer questions about the application process, procedures, and guidelines, supply the proper forms, and assist with completing them. Contact any Outreach Coordinator or request help applying at threesquaresforcenc.org.

Outreach Coordinator Phone Email Address
Brad Blackwell 919-865-3039 bblackwell@foodbankcenc.org
Delores Ortiz 910-973-6192 dortiz@foodbankcenc.org
Emily Kraft 910-587-0995 ekraft@foodbankcenc.org
Dave Madinger 984-789-0915

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How To Apply For FNS Benefits

To apply for FNS benefits, you'll need to:

If you are located in our service area, the Food Bank's Three Squares for CENC team is available to help with the application process. Contact information is listed above, or request help applying at threesquaresforcenc.org.

If you need food assitance while waiting for your application to process, visit our local pantry finder to find help near you.

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FNS Interview Process

After an FNS application is submitted to the local DSS office, a DSS worker sets up a time to review your application. Dates and times are sent by letter. If you're unable to meet at that time, call or write to the DSS office to reschedule. You cans also request to have the interview over the phone.

During the interview, the DSS worker will go over your application and may ask for additional papers to show where you live or how much money you make. You may be able to find out that day if you can get FNS benefits.

If you don't have the information your DSS worker needs when you meet, you will have time to get it, but it may take longer for you to get benefits.

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