Social Media Ambassadors
2017 Roster

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Our deepest appreciation to our current members!

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina's Social Media Ambassadors Program allows social media enthusiasts, networked individuals & online influencers to help the Food Bank raise awareness of hunger and our mission by incorporating our message into their social media.

The Food Bank deeply values our 2017 Social Media Ambassadors and applaudes their efforts to help fight hunger across our 34-county service area. Thank you!


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Ainsley  DukeAinsley Duke
Twitter: @ainsley_duke
Member Since 2017

Alicia TolbertAlicia Tolbert
Twitter: @antolber
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/antolber
Member Since 2015

Alycia Ragey Profile Photo

Alycia Ragey
Twitter: @alyragey
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alyciaayers
Instagram: @alyragey
Member Since 2014

Amy Davis

Amy Davis
Member Since 2017

Andrea BatesAndrea Bates
Twitter: @goodgirlgonered
Blog: goodgirlgoneredneck.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/andreacbates
Facebook: facebook.com/goodgirlgonered
Instagram: @goodgirlgonered
Pinterest: pinterest.com/goodgirlgonered
Google+: plus.google.com/+AndreaBates_1
Member Since 2014

Angela StanleyAngela Stanley 
Instagram: @fabfortykindnesschallenge
Member Since 2017 

Atlantic PackagingAtlantic Packaging 
Facebook: facebook.com/atlanticpkg
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/atlantic-packaging-corp
Vimeo: vimeo.com/atlanticpkg
Blog: wellness.atlanticpkg.com
Website: atlanticpkg.com
Member Since 2016 

Food Diary of a City GirlCecilia Moreno
Food Diary of a City Girl, LLC

Blog: fooddiaryofacitygirl.com
Twitter: @CityGirlCece
Facebook: facebook.com/CityGirlCece
Instagram: @CityGirlCece
Member Since 2014

Chantel JenkinsChantel Jenkins
Twitter: @TIEvents
Instagram: @tievents
Facebook: facebook.com/TriangleFlava
Website: tieac.com
Blog: triangleflava.blogspot.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chantel-jenkins-4b9b13111
Member Since 2016

Craig HewettCraig Hewett
Twitter: @craighewett
Instagram: @craighewett
Facebook: facebook.com/craighewett
Member Since 2016

DaNeil GuionDaNeil Guion
Twitter: @BigPlayGuion
Member Since 2017


Deirdre ReidDeirdre Reid
Website: deirdrereid.com
Twitter: @deirdrereid
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/deirdrereid
Pinterest: pinterest.com/deirdrereid
Member Since 2012

Diana StrengDiana Streng
Twitter: @DianaStreng
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dianastreng
Member Since 2017


Faye ProsserFaye Prosser
Smart Spending Resources

Twitter: @WRALShopper
Facebook: facebook.com/WRALSmartShopper
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/faye-prosser-2781b33
Website: smartspendingresources.com
Blog: wral.com/5onyourside/smartshopper
Member Since 2017

Greg NgGregory Ng
Website: followgreg.com
Twitter: @gregoryng
Member Since 2012


Janyne KizerJanyne Kizer
Twitter: @jmkizer
Instagram: @jmkizer
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jmkizer
Member Since 2016

Jeanne Milliken BondsJeanne Milliken Bonds
Twitter: @jeannebondsnc
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jeannebonds
Facebook: JeanneBonds
Facebook: jmbonds
Member Since 2017

Jen LawrenceJen Lawrence
Website: jenoni.me
Blog: jenoni.com
Twitter: @jenOni_Inc
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jen-lawrence
Instagram: @jenoni_inc
YouTube: youtube.com/the007jael
Pinterest: pinterest.com/JenOni_Inc
Member Since 2014

Jennifer Wilson-MathisJennifer Wilson-Mathis
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jennifer-wilson
Twitter: @jwilsonmathis
Instagram: @wilsonmathis
Member Since 2016


Jerry MicelleJerry Micelle
Twitter: @moontzu
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/jerry-micelle-jr
Member Since 2015


Joe MeccaJoe Mecca
Twitter: @jfmecca
Member Since 2013

JR OakesJR Oakes
Twitter: @jroakes
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/jr-oakes/6/54/366
Website: http://visible.company
Member Since 2015

Kailey BeckerKailey Becker
Twitter: @kaileyyrose
Instagram: @kaileyyrose_
Member Since 2015

Kent BassKent Bass
Twitter: @restorekent
Member Since 2017

LaToya MurchisonLaToya Murchison

Twitter: @LatoyaAuthor
Tumblr: authorlatoyamurchison.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/latoyamwrites
Pinterest: pinterest.com/latoyam78
Google+: +AuthorLaToyaMurchison
YouTube: youtube.com/c/AuthorLaToyaMurchison
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/latoyamurchison
Blog: motivate2inspire.wordpress.com
Website: latoyamurchison.com
Member Since 2016


Laura MarshLaura Marsh
Twitter: @lauraelomarsh
Member Since 2017


Lisa Cox, Ricky's Hope IncLisa Cox
Ricky's Hope Inc.

Website: rickyshope.com
Twitter: @HomelessAssist
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ricky-s-hope-incorporated-13a434111
Twitter: @GetOverUrself_
Facebook: Nik Cox King
Member Since 2015

Marjorie JusticeMarjorie Justice
Website: mjustice.myrandf.biz
Twitter: @mjusticerandf
Instagram: @psycmarj
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marjorie-justice-51613485
Member Since 2015

Marla ShepardMarla Shepard
Twitter: @MarlaDShepard
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marladshepard
Website: marladshepard.com
Member Since 2015

Photo of Matt AbeleMatt Abele
Website: www.city-creative.com
Twitter: @mattabele
Twitter: @RaleighCreative
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mattabele
Instagram: @appstatemabele
YouTube: youtube.com/c/MattAbele1
Facebook: facebook.com/capitalcitycreative
Member Since 2015

McAdams Co LogoMcAdams Co.
Twitter: @McAdamsCo
Website: mcadamsco.com
Member Since 2015

Melissa BuchananMelissa Buchanan
Twitter: @mbuch626
Member Since 2013

Naresh GiriNaresh Giri
Twitter: @ngiri
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ngiri
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ngirius
Member Since 2014

Ray LinvilleRay Linville
Twitter: @LinvilleRay
Instagram: @linvillesouth
Pinterest: pinterest.com/linville111
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/raylinville
Blog: linvilleonbbq.blogspot.com
Member Since 2016

Ruth McCullers-LeeRuth McCullers-Lee
Twitter: @ruthszoo
Instagram: @ruthszoo
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ruth-mccullers-lee
Member Since 2015


Ryan PogueRyan Pogue
Twitter: @ryanpoguenc
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rpogue
Member Since 2015

Seth PalmerSeth Palmer
Twitter: @seth_palmer
Member Since 2013

Shane RiterShane Riter
Twitter: @SMRiter
Instagram: @smriter
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/shane-riter/66/843/3b4/en
Member Since 2015

Shea ArmstrongShea Armstrong
Southern Oak Gift Co
Twitter: @SouthernOakGift
Facebook: facebook.com/southernoakgift
Instagram: @southernoakgiftco
Website: southernoakgiftcompany.com
Member Since 2017

Shehram Malik Profile PhotoShehram Malik
Twitter: @shehram_malik
Member Since 2015

Sheila BonhotelSheila Bonhotel
Twitter: @sbonhotel
Facebook: facebook.com/sheila.bonhotel
Instagram: @sbonhotel72
Member Since 2016

Susan Ware FlowerSusan Ware Flower
Twitter: @swflower
Instagram: @swflower
Pinterest: pinterest.com/susanwareflower
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/susanwareflower
Member Since 2012

Tania Marin MoradoTania Morado
Twitter: @TaniaMarinM
Instagram: @taniamarinm
YouTube: Tanya Marin
Member Since 2016


Tessa Nguyen RD, LDNTessa Nguyen, RD, LDN
Taste Nutrition Consulting
Twitter: @ChefTessaRD
Instagram: @ChefTessaRD
Website: tastenutritionconsulting.com
Member Since 2016

TimAlvarez_102x102.jpgTim Alvarez
Twitter: @NCTimA
Member Since 2014

Tracy Baxley - Choose Local MC.pngTracy Baxley
Choose Local MC
Facebook: facebook.com/chooselocalmc
Website: chooselocalmc.com
Member Since 2017

Tracy EverettTracy Everett
Instagram: @trellisdesignsandco
Member Since 2016

TriFoodGuy_109x99.pngTriangle Food Guy
Blog: trianglefoodblog.com
Twitter: @TriangleFoodGuy
Facebook: facebook.com/trianglefoodguy
Website: trianglefoodguy.com
Member Since 2014

Wes BrownWes Brown
Twitter: @wesleycbrown
Instagram: @wesleycbrown
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/wesleycbrown
Member Since 2015



  • Charity Navigator
  • Feeding America
  • NC Association of Feeding America Food Banks
  • United Way Partner Agency
  • NC Center for Nonprofits Member
  • AIB International Member