Social Media Ambassadors Program

Use Your Social Media Powers For Good!
Join the Food Bank as a Networked Volunteer!

Social Media Ambassadors LogoWe're inviting social media professionals, technology enthusiasts & networked individuals to "use their social media powers for good" and join the Food Bank as Social Media Ambassadors!

You can help the Food Bank spread the word about hunger in our community by incorporating our message in your social media activities. Simply select a campaign that you'd like to help promote and “talk” about it!

In turn, your name and profile will be featured on our SMA Partners Page. Any blog posts, tweets, videos and photos will be incorporated into the Food Bank’s social media and promotional materials.

SMA Members will receive a promotional packet of literature, pens, and stickers upon joining, in addition to an exclusive Food Bank lapel pin. SMA members will also receive invitations to Food Bank events and meetups.

Fill out the registration form or see additional details below.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Food Bank
as a Networked Volunteer!

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How does it work?
The Food Bank will provide an online resource center that contains information about our current activities and major annual campaigns. Logos, brochures & important details will be outlined. SMA members can pick and choose what they’d like to help promote using their online communities: blogs, websites, facebook or twitter.

How often do I mention the Food Bank?
We hope that our SMA members can pick at least two or three campaigns during the year. A blog post, a few tweets or facebook mentions would be great. Videos and photos are divine - and engaging your workplace, church or neighborhood is a dream come true for us!

What’s in it for me?
The glory of being an Ambassador for the Food Bank, of course! We’ll provide you with a SMA badge that you can post to your blog or website. We’ll feature you on our SMA Partners Page. We’ll repost your posts and retweet your tweets of anything you put out into cyberspace about the Food Bank!

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
Jen Newmeyer, Digital Media & Database Manager, is the lead contact on this project. Call 919-865-3047 or email