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No One Goes Hungry in Central & Eastern North Carolina.

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Goals & Strategies, Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Goal: Raise $9.6 million dollars in annual revenue which will enable us to maintain and expand our services. Additionally, develop 3-year strategic plan for annual revenue, and communications and marketing.

Strategy: Implement Moves Management System(s) and portfolio structure for multi-revenue channels; build cause marketing infrastructure; utilize volunteer and other industry expertise.
Capacity: Staff; consultants and Board member contacts, and networking. 
Measurement: Various tracking of financial reports, portfolios, etc. 

6 MONTH UPDATE: Annual revenue ahead of budget by 8%; Strategic Plan to be presented at the June Board meeting.


Goal: Obtain and distribute between 63-64 million pounds of vital food and non-food essentials in our 34 county service area to over 800 emergency and non-emergency non-profits. Ensure compliance of Feeding America regulatory audit.

Strategy: Maintain and develop food donor relations with particular emphasis on retail and produce market(s). 
Capacity: Recover and distribute food through utilization of our infrastructure of vehicles and extensive complimentary delivery services, six branch locations, and staffing and volunteer resources in our service area.
Measurement: Monthly and quarterly tracking of receiving and distribution reports by food category; analyzing county pounds to ensure fairshare allocations, and the results of Feeding America audit.

6 MONTH UPDATE: 34,480,890 lbs. distributed t-date (including 3.4m lbs. of disaster relief from Hurricane Matthew); Feeding America audit delayed until next fiscal year.


Goal: (a) Expand Agency capacity best practice initiatives; (b) Introduce the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Commodity Supplemental Food Program 

Strategy: (a) Research, develop and implement processes that support partner agency infrastructure and customer care; (b) hire new positon to work with Partner Agencies in underserved counties to develop a federal food program distribution system.    
Capacity: Agency Services Dept. Resources and once hired additional staff
Measurement: (a) Partner Agency Feedback; (b) Successful distribution of food to seniors and children    

6 MONTH UPDATE: (a) Partner Link initiated; Disaster preparedness training conducted; Stress Management classes taught. (b) Duplin and Moore Counties have begun CACFP programs.    

Goal: Fight hunger and promote healthy eating habits by increasing our focus on nutrition.

Strategy: Distribute approximately 23 million pounds of fresh produce; hire a Nutrition Manager; increase our foods to encourage distribution percentage from 53% to 66%.
Capacity: Food Resources Department; produce donors; partner agency infrastructure.
Measurement: Monthly tracking and reporting of produce pounds; hire date and implementation of Nutrition Manager and/or program(s); Foods to Encourage overall percentage by year’s end.

6 MONTH UDPATE:  13.6m lbs. of produce distributed t-date; Nutrition Manager hiring process has begun; Foods to Encourage distribution percentage at 56%.


Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Results

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is pleased to report the following results of the 2015-2016 fiscal year organizational goals:

  • Our annual revenue was slightly below budget at year end. Some revenue was offset in capital by in kind gifts. Three-year strategic plan will roll over to Fiscal Year 2016-2017.
  • 64.4m million pounds of food and other essential items were distributed by year end (+6.8 million pounds). Our retail pounds significantly increased by 3.1 million pounds. We were able to hire an additional Retail and Produce Food Solicitor. Five of our six sites successfully completed the American Institute of Baking audits in food safety—our sixth site is not scheduled until fall of this 2016.
  • 210,000 meals were provided through our Kids Summer Meals Program 2015. Hot meals catering was a big success and plans are underway to develop further partnerships for next year. Additionally, new software is being defined to enhance program reports and the “Super Site” concept is being evaluated. A new Food & Nutrition Services Outreach staff member was hired earlier this year to focus on the senior community and has met the goal in advance of the timeline. Eleven School Pantry sites were strategically identified and added.
  • 23.3 million pounds (39% of total) fresh produce distributed by year end. Foods to Encourage increased from 51% to 54% of total food distributed organizationally.

Four Veggies

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