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No one goes hungry in central and eastern North Carolina.

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Goals & Strategies, Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Goal: By the end of our fiscal year, accumulate $7.6 million dollars to meet our budget which will enable us to maintain or expand our services to those at risk of hunger in our service area.

Strategy: Maintain and develop donor relations and cultivation, with emphasis on on-line giving; foundation and grants; regional giving and children’s programs.
Capacity: Increase regional capacity with volunteers on councils; maximize Board member contacts and networking; develop online resources.
Measurement: Monthly and quarterly tracking of revenue reports and timelines against goals.
Status: Revenue ahead of budget at end of Quarter 3. Both of the revenue streams targeted, (online, foundation and grants) remain positive to budget. Historical partnerships for Kids pgm funding, either renewing or increasing. All four Regional councils active and engaged.

Goal: With a heavy concentration on perishable and produce, distribute between 48-52 million pounds of vital food and non food essentials in our service area to over 800 emergency and non-emergency non-profits, maximizing volunteer support of 170k volunteer hours annually.

Strategy: Maintain and develop food donor relations, with particular emphasis on retail and produce market(s).
Capacity: Recover and distribute food through utilizing our infrastructure of vehicles, six locations (includes expansion of New Bern branch) and staffing and volunteer resources in our service area.
Measurement: Monthly and quarterly tracking of receiving and distribution reports by food category; analyzing county pounds to ensure fair share allocations.
Status: 39.7 million lbs distributed at end of Quarter 3, which is 1.1 million lbs ahead of last year. Produce currently below previous year due to poorer growing season, gains made in retail recovery and some purchasing.

Goal: Relocate and expand our Greenville and Durham Branches

Strategy: Identify appropriate locations in local community.
Capacity: Staff, Board members, other local community leaders
Measurement: New sites established
Status:New Greenville site launched and operational since October. New Durham site located and lease signed. Operations to begin early April.

Goal: Execute partner agency and employee opinion surveys and utilize results as benchmarks of service, then, determine necessary action items.

Strategy: Develop appropriate survey questionnaires.
Capacity: Staff, Agencies, volunteers
Measurement: Quality and content of surveys, execution of surveys. Developing appropriate action items
Status:Roll out of survey timed for Quarter 4.


Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Results

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is pleased to report the following results of the 2012-2013 fiscal year organizational goals:

  • The goal of raising $7.0 million dollars to maintain and expand our services was exceeded with a total of $7.48m being raised.
  • The goal of distributing 40-42 million pounds of food was exceeded with a record-breaking 51.7 million pounds.(Almost 7.0m lbs more than previous year). All of our branch locations had record-breaking distribution years. Additionally, almost 18 million pounds of produce was distributed (+6.2m).
  • Additional successes include:
    • A record of 170,000 volunteer hours were logged.
    • 7,500 meals provided through our Kids meals n more programs (Kids Café; Weekend Power Pack and Summer Feeding)
    • A national award from Feeding America on excellence in food banking in regard to food access.

Four Veggies

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