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No one goes hungry in central and eastern North Carolina.

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Goals & Strategies, Fiscal Year 2014-2015

Goal: Raise $8.2 million dollars in annual revenue which will enable us to maintain or expand our services to those at risk of hunger in our service area.

Strategy: Hire a Major Gifts Officer; move to a new Virtual Food Drive platform; maintain and/or develop budgeted revenue streams and communications/marketing materials.
Capacity: Increase regional capacity with volunteers on councils; maximize Board member contacts and networking; develop online resources.
Measurement: Tracking of financial reports; hiring of staff; VFD implementation
Status: Revenue is on track after three quarters of the fiscal year; Major Gifts Officer hired in October; VFD vendor contract signed, templates designed and testing begun. Other Notables: Web Steering Committee Membership being developed; the Board approved an endowment program.

Goal: Obtain and distribute between 50-52 million pounds vital food and non food essentials in our 34 county service area to over 800 emergency and non-emergency non-profits, maximizing volunteer support of 170,000 volunteer hours annually.

Strategy: Maintain and develop food donor relations with particular emphasis on retail and produce market(s).
Capacity: Recover and distribute food through utilizing our infrastructure of vehicles and extensive complimentary delivery services, six branch locations, and staffing and volunteer resources in our service area.
Measurement: Monthly and quarterly tracking of receiving and distribution reports by food category; analyzing county pounds to ensure fair share allocations.
Status: 42.5 million lbs distributed through three quarters of the fiscal year vs. 39.8 million lbs in the same period as last year (an increase of 2.7 million lbs); 142k volunteer hours year to date vs 130k in in the same period as last year. Other Notables: Completed a rigorous Feeding America inspection at all six of our distribution centers ensuring that we have maintained a credible, safe, and effective distribution system for donated food. New Durham site has distributed over 1 million lbs and logged over 7k volunteer hours year to date.

Goal: Serve over 9,200 children with 844,000 healthy, balanced meals through our Kids Meals & More programs.

Strategy: Maintain and develop restricted revenue(s) targeted to kids programs.
Capacity: Extensive network of partners either funding, administering, or collaborating in our Kids Meals & More programs (Kids Cafe, Weekend Power Pack, Kids Summer Meals, School Pantries.)
Measurement: Monthly tracking and reporting of children fed and meals served.
Status: 595,000 meals served through three quarters of the fiscal year with major emphasis on Kids Summer meals. At a number of sites we introduced new hot meals services through certified vendors. School Pantry sites are also being established.

Goal: Fight hunger and promote healthy eating habits by increasing our focus on nutrition.

Strategy: Distribute approximately 17 million pounds of fresh produce; hire a Nutrition Manager; adopt the Feeding America Foods to Encourage (F2E) initiative.
Capacity: Food Resources Department; produce donors; partner agency infrastructure. Multi-year restricted revenue(s) toward a Nutrition Manager staff position, in turn working with collaborative partners and creating curriculum. Feeding America Foods to Encourage index template.
Measurement: Monthly tracking and reporting of produce pounds; hire date and implementation of Nutrition Manager and/or program(s); Food Bank's inventory vs Feeding America's Nutritional Index
Status: Almost 14 million pounds of produce distributed so far this fiscal year; Foods to Encourage benchmark data being established by county in the third quarter, strategy being developed in counties with lower than average F2E. Nutrition Manager at this time not yet hired.

Goal: Generate 457,896 meals and launch new support services through our Three Squares for CENC Food and Nutrition Services benefits outreach program.

Strategy: Provide and develop culturally competent access to information, accessible and convenient service delivery model, nutrition education and financial literacy training, and trust among the most vulnerable.
Capacity: Dedicated Food Bank Food and Nutrition Services Staff
Measurement: Monthly tracking and reporting of meals provided; trainings.
Status:521 applications completed in first three quarters and 345,000 meals provided; Morgan Stanley financial literacy curriculum for Three Squares for CENC has begun. Pop-up produce clinics planned for Raleigh, Durham and Wilmington.

Goal: Refresh the Food Bank Strategic Plan to obtain and distribute food to those in need, lead the fight to end hunger, raise awareness and engage our communities, and strengthen our ability to serve.

Strategy: Revisit with staff and volunteers elements of the existing Strategic Plan.
Capacity: Dedicated Food Bank Staff and Volunteers.
Measurement: Completion of Strategic Plan refresh, concluding with endorsement from Board Members and Food Bank Staff.
Status: Strategic plan refresh completed and reported out to the Board of Directors. It was quickly identified that the Food Bank's hub site in Raleigh is no longer adequate for any current or future growth. Plans are underway for an extensive search for a new site.

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Results

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is pleased to report the following results of the 2013-2014 fiscal year organizational goals:

  • The goal of raising $7.6 million dollars to maintain and expand our services was exceeded with a total of $8.21 million being raised, with almost $500k in revenue received, restricted to unbudgeted capital and program expenses.
  • The goal of distributing 48-52 million pounds of food was exceeded with a record-breaking 53.6 million pounds. (Almost 1.9 million lbs more than previous year). This includes 17 million pounds of fresh produce.
  • The goal of relocating and expanding our Greenville and Durham Branches was completed with great success in October 2013 and March 2014 respectively.
  • The goal to execute a Partner Agency Customer Service Survey was completed with a 45% response rate (375 partner agencies) and the Employee Opinion Survey was completed in May 2014.
  • Additional success includes:
    • A record of over 172,000 volunteer hours were logged - equivalent of 83 full time employees.
    • Nearly 861,000 meals were provided to over 10,800 children through our Kids Meals & More programs (Kids Cafe, Weekend Power Pack, Kids Summer Meals, School Pantries.)

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