FoodBank24 A 24 Hour New Media Telethon

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Food Truck Rodeo
Join us for Lunch & Kickoff!
Friday, Sept. 26, Noon

#FoodBank24 Mixer
Have a ball at the Mixer!
Friday, Sept. 26, 6pm 

Midnight Madness
Join us in the dead of night!
Friday, Sept. 26, Midnight;

Volunteer Opportunities

Get behind the scenes of #FoodBank24: A New Media Telethon and help us out through one of our many volunteer opportunites. From pre-event preparation to production assistants to post-event cleanup, we have tasks that encompass a wide variety of skills.

#FoodBank24: A New Media Telethon will be hosted by Gregory Ng, Food Bank Social Media Ambassador & CMO of Brooks Bell, starting at noon on Friday, September 26 through noon on Saturday, September 27. The event will stream live on our website to raise funds, food and awareness of Hunger Action Month.

Review the opportunities and then sign-up below to join us!

Video Promotion Volunteers
Times: Flexible
Help us create some fun and engaging parody videos to help promote #FoodBank24! From a remake of Jessica's Affirmations to Kittens Inspired by Kittens, we have a whole list of videos we want to parody to get the word out about the event.

Solicitation Volunteers
Times: Flexible
From small prizes in the swag bags to donations of food, we need help soliciting, coordinating and gathering the gifts from our in-kind donors.

Event Prep Volunteers
Times: Flexible
Join us at the warehouse for pre-event tasks like assembling swag bags, preparing decorations and nametags. Tasks will vary.

Setup Team
Times: Friday, 9 am to Noon
Help us get the party started! We’ll need volunteers to set up tables, hang banners, and get the warehouse ready to go LIVE by noon!

Greeter and Check-In Volunteers
During Event.
Times: Friday 12 noon to midnight. Saturday 6 am to 12 noon.
Minimum 3 hour shifts.
Help greet our #FoodBank24 participants by serving as a resource for information and guest check-ins. Mingle with the crowd, share the details of schedule, answer questions, check-in and deliver our guests to the stage at their appropriate time.

Patron Handlers
During Event.
Times: Friday 12 noon to midnight. Saturday 6 am to 12 noon.
Minimum 3 hour shifts.
Our #FoodBank24 Patrons need a little extra attention! Help get them checked in, fill out the presentation check, ensure Greg has their certificates and t-shirts. This volunteer will also rotate the appropriate sponsor logos on the stage table.

Phone Volunteers
During Event.
Times: All Times. Minimum 3 hour shifts.
We need some enthusiastic folks to help answer the phones and generate excitement during the show! Phone volunteers will assist with donation information and answer any questions callers may have.

During Event.
Times: All Times. Minimum 2 hour shifts.
Our runners will be on-hand to help out with last minute details… Last year? They ran to Panera Bread to pickup a cookie donation and off to the corner store for a pack of batteries for Greg. Our runner volunteers are there to support us in a pinch!

Breakdown Team
Times: Saturday, Noon to 2 pm
Show’s over! Help us wrap up, pack up, and get ready to head home for some much needed rest.


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