Hunger Action Month 24-Hour Telethon

Telethon Social Media Mixer

Social Media Mixer

Part of the Hunger Action Month
24-Hour LIVE Telethon Event

Grab a friend and c'mon out to the Social Media Mixer as part of Hunger Action Month LIVE 24-Hour Telethon Event! We're "going orange" at the Mixer on Friday September 13 at 6:00 pm to help spread awareness of hunger in our region and nationwide.

The Telethon will be hosted by Gregory Ng of the popular online frozen food review show, FreezerBurns. Starting at noon on Friday, September 13 through noon on Saturday, September 14 the Telethon will be packed with fun activites such as a Food Truck Rodeo, a "Midnight Madness" volunteer activity, a 2-AM Dance-a-thon, a 3-AM Cackalacky Hot Sauce BBQ and an Early-Bird Breakfast segment. Thousands of viewers will be tuning in through the Food Bank website to watch this unique event.

You can be a part of it all...
Join us at the Social Media Mixer!

The Mixer will be held at the Raleigh Warehouse on September 13 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.  What can you expect?

The 24 Hour Telethon will be happening LIVE during the Social Media Mixer!

What to bring?
Cash (or credit) to make donations for prize tickets.  Smartphone or device to share the experience with friends & family.  Wear ORANGE to show your support for Hunger Action Month and to be a stand-out audience member!

Space is limited! Sign up today!
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The 24-Hour Telethon is Presented By FreezerBurns.

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Social Media Mixer 2012

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Registrations will appear here within 1-2 days.

Your Host: Gregory Ng, Twitter: @gregoryng

Producer: Mike Adams, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @MikeAdamsNC

Christine Sulym, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --

Brian McDonald, Tickets: 3, Twitter: @Bmcd67

Jeremy Andrews, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @jandrewsnc

Jenni Bruckman, Tickets: 3, Twitter: @jennibruckman

Lisa Sullivan, Tickets: 2, Twitter: @LisaSullivan

Janet Kennedy, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @jkennedy93

Joshua McKinney, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @McKinneyNews14

Kristen Baughman, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @knbaughman

Pamela Santos , Tickets: 1, Twitter: --

Mark Traphagen, Tickets: 2, Twitter: @marktraphagen

Lauryn Colatuno, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @YelpNCTriangle

Tara Connolly, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @taralconnolly

Amanda Speer, Tickets: 2, Twitter: @amandahspeer

Ellen Lynch, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @ellenlynch

Ellen Thomas, Tickets: 1, Twitter:--

Jamie Weiss, Tickets: 4, Twitter: @jweiss10

Lisa Carden, Tickets: 5, Twitter: --

Joe Mecca, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @jfmecca

Renata Smith, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --

Anita Pease, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --

Ketwan Williamson, Tickets: 3, Twitter: --

Glenn Gillen, Tickets: 3, Twitter: @ggpr

Heather Brosz White, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --



Jon Jaeger, Tickets: 1, Twitter: @jtjaeger

Carson Monteith, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --

Stephen Harding, Tickets: 1, Twitter: --

Carol Adams, Tickets: 2, Twitter: @CarolAdams1

Jason Bendell, Tickets: 4, Twitter: @jaybendell

Jamy McGee, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --

Jake St. Peter, Tickets: 2, Twitter: @jakestpeter

Sue Olinger, Tickets: 4, Twitter: --