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Pound For Pound Challenge

LOSE a little weight
to WIN the fight against hunger...


Pound for Pound Challenge
For the third consecutive year, Feeding America and NBC's The Biggest Loser partnerED with General Mills and Subway to encourage Americans to lose weight through the Pound For Pound Challenge.

Built around the incredible success of The Biggest Loser, the program allowed anyone to shed pounds along with the show's contestants by pledging their weight-loss goals at www.pfpchallenge.com. For every pound pledged, the Pound For Pound Challenge will donate 11 cents to Feeding America to benefit local food banks across the nation, including the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC.

The results are in for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC! Over 1,213 people pledged to lose 29,150 pounds, making us the #1 ranked Food Bank in North Carolina!  Additionally, 190 people joined our Souper Losers team, pledging 3,674 pounds and making us the #1 ranked team in North Carolina!

Thanks to everyone who pledged to lose weight through the Pound for Pound Challenge.  Your efforts will make a tremendous difference in our communities!

Cheering Souper Can
Souper Can says "Thank You!"

Souper Loser Logo

Are you a Loser?
Not just any loser, but are you a...
Souper Loser?

Join the Food Bank SOUPER LOSERS team!  In honor of our 30th Anniversary, many of our staff members are pledging to lose 30 pounds or maintain their weight for at least 30 days.  We encourage all friends, family & supporters to join our team.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Go to www.pfpchallenge.com/teams
3. Pledge!


Kids Nutrition Commercial

On Feb. 15, the Food Bank was featured on the Biggest Loser. During the show, this locally produced commercial aired featuring our Kids Nutrition Programs!

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Pound For Pound Challenge Quick Facts:

What is Feeding America?
Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity.  Through a network of 200 member food banks (including the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC), Feeding America supplies food to 37 million Americans each year.

What is The Biggest Loser?
The Biggest Loser is an NBC reality television show that airs on Tuesday at 8/7c. The show challenges and encourages overweight contestants to shed pounds in a safe manner through diet and exercise.

How did the Pound for Pound Challenge do last year?
Last year, the final pound count was 6,203,347 - an increase of over 70% from 2009!

Why is the Food Bank team called "Souper Losers"?
"Souper" is a play on words that started with our event mascot "Souper Can." The can is designed like a soup can - and the Food Bank is famous for collecting cans! You can see more of the real Souper Can on the Kids Page.

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