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Hunger Action Month

A Fact a Day for 30 Days!

30 Facts in 30 DaysAs part of Hunger Action Month, we are featuring a unique fact about our organization each day for 30 days in September on Twitter. You can catch a new fact by checking us out every day at noon or by following #30Facts30Days. We will also feature the facts on this page, which will be updated periodically.

Help us spread the word by sharing this news with a friend or posting it on a blog or Facebook page. Also, be sure to check our
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1. Orange is the official color of Hunger Action Month.
2. Last year we distributed 53.6 million pounds of food to people in need. That's a record!
3. We distribute food to folks in need through six branches.
4. The Food Bank branches are in Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, New Bern, Southern Pines and Wilmington.
5. The Food Bank's 19,000 square mile service territory is roughly the size of Switzerland.
6. 651,000 people live in food insecure households in our 34 county service area.
7. 97 cents of every dollar donated to the Food Bank goes directly to food & food programs.
8. The Food Bank is a first-responder in the time of a natural disaster.
9. This past summer we served 147,000 meals to kids through our Kids Summer Meals program.
10. In 2009 our Kids Summer Meals program fed 395 kids. This past summer we fed over 5,000.
11. Last year Food Bank volunteers gave a record-breaking 172,704 hours of their time, equivalent to over 83 full-time employees!
12. Last year the Food Bank distributed 16.5 million pounds of fresh produce to people in need.
13. Our Three Squares for CENC program helps individuals apply for FNS benefits.
14. For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can distribute $10 worth of food or 5 meals.
15. We're not just all about cans! Over half of the food we provide is perishable. That means fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bread.
16. The Food Bank is part of Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief organization in the U.S.
17. The NC School of Science & Math holds the Guinness World Record for the largest one day food drive held at one location. They raised 559,885 pounds of food in just 24 hours!
18. In our service area, 1 in 3 people who are food insecure are children.
19. On average, the Food Bank provides food to 59,200 individuals every week through 826 partner agencies.
20. 62% of households we serve have had 2 choose between paying for food & paying rent/mortgage. This percentage has doubled in the past 4 years.
21. Last year local communities donated 1,667,142 lbs of food through hosting food drives.
22. 42% of households we serve report having 2 choose between buying food & paying education expenses like school loans & tuition.
23. In a typical week, we serve 20,400 households across our 34 county service area with the help of our partner agencies
24. On average, we distribute 34 tractor trailers full of food every week across our 34 county service area.
25. Our fleet of trucks drove over 500,000 miles last year. That is equivalent to driving +20 times around the earth's equator.
26. The largest single source of food we receive is through our Retail Recovery Program.
27. If you stacked all of the 16 oz cans that were donated last year one on top of the other, it would build a tower 105 miles high.
28. This past July and August, we distributed over 10 million pounds of food to families in need.
29. 74% of FNS recipients in our service area report that their monthly FNS benefits only last 3 weeks or less.
30. The 2014 #FoodBank24 New Media Telethon raised $51,757, enough to provide 258,000 meals to families in need!