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Dear Friend,

One of our valued partner agency members came to visit with us the other day.  We'd like to share with you some of the stories she had to tell:

The Harrisons have 3 school aged children. They’ve recently become homeless and were living out of their car. "John" had only found part-time work. Because of their situation they heartbreakingly sent their oldest son to live with a relative. They planned to move to a rented room; the family desperately needed food. We helped them with groceries and a birthday cake for one of their children who was celebrating his birthday on the day of their visit.

Jennifer had received groceries from us. I saw her in the restroom washing her clothes in the sink using hand soap. While I washed my hands, and she washed her clothes, my compassion for her was overwhelming. We smiled and said hello, but here I was wearing clean clothes, and blessed with a washing machine at home. What a renewed lesson in gratitude and compassion.

Dennis is a 29 year old man. During our interview I asked if he receives food stamps. He said no because he can't read or write, and could not fill out the application. Imagine not being able to read or write. I encouraged him to return to work with our food stamp volunteer, Bruce, who would help him fill out the application.

And lastly, Carl, who was sent to us from the Dialysis clinic. Getting groceries from us meant he could spend the money on the medicine that he really needed.

Help us make sure that the Harrison Family, Jennifer, Dennis, and Carl and thousands like them have meals this holiday season. 

Donate today!

We are deeply grateful to Terry Foley, Catholic Parish Outreach, for sharing the stories of her community outreach.

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Holiday Meals

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